The new standard

in motorisation

New Standard. Noun. Something that is set when some one does the unthinkable, or does something better than anyone else

Seeing an opportunity to give the market a product that could solve a range of problems whilst not heavily impacting the end users budget.

Platinum Tubular Motors believe we have found the perfect combination of quality, affordability and customer service

Exceeding industry demands for a reliable product.

Platinum Tubular Motors boasts one of the industries lowest motor fail rates.

We understand that carrying out service calls for works previously carried out can be not only a costly exercise but a frustrating one not only for your business but the customer as well.

By providing high quality motors we can ensure that the return rates are kept to a minimum.

Our motors are used in

our exclusive simple yet effective motors


Roller Shutters

Our roller shutter motors are ideal for any company who want reliability and performance.


Outdoor Blinds

Our outdoor blind motors are ideal for any company who want reliability and performance.


Roller Blinds

Our roller blind motors are ideal for any company who want reliability and performance.

Benefits of the Platinum Tubular Motor

With a combined 45 years’ experience in the Blind and Shutter Industry and the backing of one of the world leading motor manufactures you can be assured all your needs will be covered.
This day and age peoples homes are a representation of themselves and most take any opportunity to modernise and enhance their homes. PTM has taken all these factors into account when designing our product and has delivered a sleek remote design that anybody would be more than happy to have on the wall of their home.
No matter the make of roller shutter, outdoor blind or interior Blind, PTM has the motor and the necessary adaptors and drive wheels needed, making our motors the perfect motor solution for all the homes needs which allows your customer to keep everything uniform and consistent.
With multiple options to suit most Blind and Shutter applications install is a breeze with simple limit setting, click and play feature installers and electricians will love and simple remote pairing which will speed up the whole install process.
If your customer decides that the wall switch is best suited their needs PTM is proud to say that our motors are compatible with Australia’s leading electrical component suppliers such as Clipsal by Schneider electric and HPM among others.
Platinum motors is one of the quietest motors on the Australian and New Zealand markets, which means when operating up and down the entire process will be smooth and subtle.

Recommendations and Testimonials

Our products are used by many companies throughout Australia. Take a look what people are saying about our tubular motors.

I have tried many other leading motor companies and since switching to platinum I have not run into any problems whatsoever. Its great to know there is a product here that gives us the reliability we need in our industry. I have high confidence in the products from Platinum Motors
Jason Smith
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