Outdoor Blind Motors

Motors for Outdoor Blinds

Our outdoor blinds have been rigourously tested & optimised to perfectly provide the best motorisation solution for outdoor blinds.

We are confident that our outdoor blind motor product will be a perfect match for any business who sell roller blinds, whether they are in residential or commercial premises. Our motors for roller blinds are proven to be quieter and offer a much more efficient and reliable solution to roller blinds.

Take a closer look at our motors and see how our motors can provide the perfect solution for your blinds.

Why Platinum Motors For Outdoor Blinds?

We have had many tried and tested models for our outdoor blind motors with a surprising amount of technical details that have often been overlooked by companies who offer similar motor solutions.

One of the most impressive advantages to the outdoor blind motors from platinum are the quietness. This is something we have developed with a great amount of detail as we feel that energy lost through sound is a sign of in-efficiency. A huge bonus to any motor in outdoor blinds is efficiency and reliability.

Probably The Best Outdoor Blind Motors

Here are some of the work with

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