Platinum Tubular Motors for Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters

We know of the struggles of having a reliable motor for roller shutters and its a problem that has been a real issue in the rolling shutter industry that Platinum Motors aim to resolve.

The performance of roller shutters fitted with our motors is almost second to none. and at a price point that is much more affordable we know we have the right combination of price and performance for our roller shutter motors.

No longer will you be let down by motors breaking down or having poor performance on a perfectly good roller shutter product.

Being the year 2020 we foresee the roller shutter industry and outdoor blinds getting away from old style manual winding solutions. We have taken the time with our product research and provide our expertise to every component in the motor to ensure it has fantastic performance and reliability for all electrical roller shutter solutions.


From Initial Drawings To Reality

We first come up with our idea of the perfect roller shutter motor back in 2016, and after many discussions with industry leading experts we decided to begin our journey.

After many product prototypes and many tried and tested components we decided to bring our best version of the product to the market for the first time this year.

The feedback from the motors in roller shutters have been fantastic and we are having a great time ensuring that any questions about the product are answered.

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